Our Products

Nesinak is a manufacturing company that produces rubber goods for the automotive and electronics
industries. We realize that Quality, Environment, Safety and other supporting aspects
are important in the implementation of our operational activities.

Automotive Parts

Automotive parts refers to various components inside motor vehicles that are made of rubber or several materials with special properties or regular resistance to temperature and vibrations.

Electronic Parts

Electronic parts refers to various electronic components that use rubber part. They are used due to their elastic properties, resistance and their ability to protect and seal electronic.

Other Parts

There are various types of rubber products other than automotive and electronic parts, such as packing, sheet, and others

Customer Faq’s

Get the Answers to Common Questions

  • What does PT Nesinak Industries produce?

    We are a company that produces rubber goods for engineering and industrial purposes.

  • What is special about PT Nesinak Industries?

    We produce goods from rubber with special quality and specifications.
  • How does PT Nesinak Industries ensure the quality of its products is better than others?

    We always maintain all processes well by implementing a quality management system and quality processes.

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