Committed to Value & You

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  • Sustainability

To be The Best and Most Trusted Rubber Company

Committed to producing quality products, prioritizing perfection in every manufacturing process. And dedication to quality starts with choosing the right raw materials, to produce the best components to make products with high quality standards


1. Create Human Resources with integrity and professionalism to produce quality products
2. Increase the good value and harmonious of the company, as a contribution to shareholders and for social responsibility
3. Committed to the Environment, Health and Safety, Work for employees and the community


  • 1. Produce quality products and increasing productivity
  • 2. Guarantee Work Health and Safety
  • 3. Protect the Company Environment and Surroundings
  • 4. Comply with the provisions of applicable law and regulations
  • 5. Increase HR that is honest, disciplined and diligent
  • 6. Supporting the implementation of Industrial by using Single Data System Integration and Connection Support
  • 7. The implementation of energy saving programs and protect the environment

Building for a Sustained Life Commitment

Committed to building a sustainable tomorrow. with the responsibility to leave a positive legacy for future generations